SIO Nonmodel mRNASeq Workshop (2017)

These are the schedule and classroom materials for the 2017 RNAseq workshop at SIO, which will run from Oct 11-12, 2017. This will be followed by an Oct 13th lecture from instructor Lisa Komoroske as part of the Marine Biology Seminar Series.

This workshop runs under a Code of Conduct. Please respect it and be excellent to each other!

If you’re not comfortable working on the command line, please work through some of this command-line bootcamp before the workshop.

Schedule and Location:

All sessions are in the Eckart Sea Cave, unless otherwise noted. The workshop runs from 9am-5pm, with a 1 hour break for lunch.

Workshop materials

hackmd collaborative notes

Wednesday, Day 1: Introduction, QC, Assembly, and Quantification

Lunch Break

Thursday, Day 2: Differential Expression, Downstream Analyses, Alternate RNA-Seq pipelines & resources

Lunch Break